Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Slippery slope

Yesterday afternoon something terrible happened.
The boys were all home from school, the dinner casserole was in the oven and I was starting to work on Sariah's wedding dress.
I needed my dress form which was in the storage room. As I got closer to the door, I could hear some muffled giggles from inside the storage room.
The boys know that they are not allowed to play in the storage room, so I was a little confused.
When I walked in, I was shocked at what I saw.
Jacob, Ammon and Malachi were sitting in a darkened corner of the storage room and they were drinking something from cans.

My heart stopped.

When I got closer, they tried to hide the cans from me, but it was too late. I already saw what they were drinking.

Mountain Dew.

I was furious! I knew exactly where they got them from, because I have my stash hidden there in the storage room behind the bags of rice.
I confiscated the cans and gave them a lecture on honesty and not taking things that they know don't belong to them, and why on earth were they snooping around in the storage room and when they find something that isn't theirs they should just leave it alone.
I then talked about how they KNOW very well that they aren't allowed to drink caffeinated beverages and it's bad for their growing bodies, then I made them dump the cans down the sink and sent them to clean out the garage.

I was so angry! I've hidden that Mountain Dew there so I can have some when I really need it. It's strictly for medicinal purposes only! The boys have never seen me drink it because I'm very discreet when I do and then I put the empty cans in the neighbor's recycle bin so nobody knows I drank any.

When LaMar got home, I informed him that the lesson for FHE would need to be changed to one about honesty, with a bonus discussion on the Word of Wisdom.
We had a really good discussion about those things in FHE and the boys apologized for doing something that they knew was wrong. All things were harmonious in our home again.
Later, after the kids all went to bed, I went to the storage room to get some canned fruit for tomorrows Jell-O and I looked behind the rice to see exactly how much of my Mountain Dew they had taken.
Imagine my shock when I saw that there wasn't any missing. It was all there!

The boys hadn't found my stash after all.
Then I was completely embarrassed. They must have been so confused about me lecturing them about honesty and not snooping through the storage room and taking things that don't belong to them................

Then I got to thinking. WHERE did they get the stuff? They must have bought it at the gas station down the road or the grocery store.
This really upsets me because I can't believe that they allowed my children to purchase such an item without the consent of an adult.

Today they let them buy Mountain Dew and then tomorrow, what?

Energy drinks?

Oh my!! They wouldn't allow children to buy energy drinks??

Would they?


Kristina P. said...

Wow, you really need to instill some values into those kids! Who do they think they are, stealing your Word of Wisdom breaker?

*MARY* said...

I keep my Dr. Peppers in the back of my closet in a box labeled "old Ensigns" so the kids won't get to them.

clan of the cave hair said...

they may also sell them "face cards!" the horror!

Anonymous said...

Ok I LOVE the comment about "face cards". Do you people know that's only a UTAH thing???!?!?? We play with plenty of face cards where I come from, Stake Presidents included!!

And was this a joke??? I really hope that you don't literally hide your Mtn. Dew from your children, and drink it without them knowing. That sounds like something my MIL would do. Ugh!! UTAH Mormons!!!

Brittany said...

I can't believe you drink Mtn. Dew! That's Satan's Nectar. What is Bishop Higgins going to think??

Brittany said...
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Jessica G. said...

It's a good thing the Primary isn't drug testing before the annual Program.

Alison Wonderland said...

Something amusing.

Jo said...

You know, I do think I heard about a group of LDS mothers who were trying to get a bill passed to stop the sale of energy/caffienated drinks to minors. If that group has quit, you might consider restarting it. Something MUST be done. Honestly.

KT said...

Oh, they would.