Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So much to tell!

I haven't been around the blog world for a while because I've been so busy with everything. I will probably need to spend the next several posts just catching up.
First of all, the wedding.
The ceremony wasn't until 1:00 p.m so I decided to take advantage of the early morning day after Thanksgiving sales. I got up bright and early and managed to get to Target right as it opened, most of what I needed on my list and then went to Wal Mart to get the rest and then back home by 9:00 a.m. All it takes is organization, and one can accomplish anything! (If it wasn't for those pesky contractions coming every 9 minutes or so, it would have been a perfect shopping trip)
The wedding was wonderful! Sariah was a vision of lovlieness. We even managed to get all of our crew standing still for a moment outside of the Temple to get a family portrait.
Well, at least we thought we had all of our crew. When we looked at the pictures later, Mosiah was missing. Is there anyone out there who might be willing to Photoshop him into the wedding picture? While you're at it, maybe you could Photoshop him out of the wedding picture of the other bride and groom. He somehow got mixed up and ended up with the wrong wedding party.
The wedding luncheon was quite nice. It was held at a nice restaurant, and I think Trevor's parents spent way too much. The main problem was that there wasn't enough room for our boy's singing group to sing at the luncheon as they had planned. The group had been practicing a two hour program of love songs through the ages, and all were disappointed that they weren't able entertain us.
It turned out OK because they were able to sing at the reception! Trevor's mom wanted to hire a harpist to come and play for the reception, but with the singing group available I didn't see the need.
My visiting teachers had come in earlier in the day and decorated the cultural hall so beautifully! The hand crocheted centerpieces on the tables were a big hit, and color coordinating the balloons with the tablecloths was pure genius.
We only ran into a few problems. Someone forgot to chill the sprite before making the Sprite and sherbet drinks, and the kitchen was covered with a sticky mess. The ladies in the kitchen made the best of it and just handed out extra napkins. I was glad that we ordered extra napkins that were stamped with Trevor and Sariah's names and the "Today I will marry my friend" poem.
The next problem we had was when we discovered someone had put the trays of Temple mints (remember the ones I spent hours making) on the stove in the church kitchen and then someone accidentally turned on the oven, and the bottom tray melted into globs of pink chocolate. Luckily, someone smelled the chocolate melting and saved the remaining mints just in time! I'm just so glad that it wasn't the Jell-O!
As we were standing in the reception line, greeting the wedding guests, Trevor's mother kept telling us that we didn't need to stand in the reception line for the entire reception. I thought she was a bit daft because duh! this is a reception, what else are we supposed to do?
The children's singing group was spectacular! They sang the entire time. They had even choreographed some dance moves with their songs. After the first 45 minutes, they did need to start their program over from the start because little Ashton Fredrickson's grandparents came late. The songs were just as good the second time around.
During the singing group's second break, we had quite the surprise. Just as Trevor's mother was going to get an aspirin from her purse, a man in a pink leotard and tights, a red tu tu, high top sneakers and fairy wings came dancing in and began singing to the bride and groom! It seems that my boys had all chipped in their lawn mowing/paper route money and bought a singing telegram for their sister and new brother in law!
I just found it so incredibly sweet! Trevor's mother didn't feel the same way, and she came over and started to tell me how they were being humiliated in front of some very important friends of theirs when Trevor and his father came over and gently guided her into another room to cool off.
Some people just don't appreciate a good singing telegram.

There were some other surprises at the reception, but I'll write about those later, right now I hear the baby crying and I'm making a special Jell-O for tomorrow's New Year's eve party.