Friday, October 24, 2008

Wedding plans!

Oh my! I've had such a busy week that I haven't had time to write anything here. I have a few minutes right now, so I'll give a quick report on the last few days.

Monday evening we had the pleasure of meeting our daughter's future in-laws. They are very lovely people, although Trevor's mom seems a bit uptight. She feels that we should be having the wedding reception at some place like the Joseph Smith Building, The McCune Mansion, the Rice Eccles Stadium Tower, or the 23rd floor of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Salt Lake.
I think I might have offended her a bit when I said that I couldn't see the point in spending so much money when we can get the church building for free.
She then offered to pay for the reception. I told her that it wasn't a matter of having enough money, but more a matter of being frugal. Why spend all that money on one day?

I told her that we can get the church and rent a few backdrops, and if we can't find any backdrops, we can just hang crepe paper from the basketball hoop and call it good. Right about then, Trevor's mom made a funny choking noise and the veins in her neck started to pop out.
She managed to take a deep breath and offered to find a caterer for the food. I told her that we had that all covered because one of my visiting teachers used to work for a caterer and between her and the other ladies in the ward, we would make some nice refreshments.
Besides, I used to be a Pampered Chef consultant, and I have a few tricks that I learned from doing that.
Then Trevor's mom raised an eyebrow looked at my enormous belly and said "I really don't think that you should be taking on such a project in your..........current condition!"
I told her that I was "perfectly capable of such a project, thank you very much!"

The other issue that we were having was the date of the wedding. Trevor's younger brother Easton will be leaving for his mission the second week of December, and Trevor really wants his brother to be there. Right now, we have the wedding tentatively set for the day after Thanksgiving. We will have some family in town that week, so that will be perfect! Plus, it will still be a month before the baby is due. I usually go at least a week past my due date anyway.

The only problem with the wedding being so soon is that I will only have time to make Sariah's dress. I would have liked to make the bridesmaids dresses for her three best friends too, but after discussing this with Sariah, we have decided to buy the dresses instead. This afternoon, we will venture north of the point of the mountain into Salt Lake county to look for bridesmaid dresses. While we are there, we will go buy the fabric for her dress too.

I almost forgot about what else happened Monday. One of the boys came and told me that there was something wrong with the toilet. When I went to investigate, sure enough, there was a huge glob of something white in the toilet. I got a bucket and started scooping it out because I was pretty sure that it wasn't going to flush down.
Then, I noticed the empty can of potato pearls sitting behind the bathroom door. It seems that one of my darling boys raided the food storage and dumped an entire can of instant potatoes in the toilet.
I scooped out as much as I could but the toilet still wouldn't flush. I finally called our home teacher Brother Jeppson who is a plumber and he came over to look at it. He tried all of his nifty plumber tricks then decided that the best way to fix the clog would be to remove the toilet. When he got it off, along with the mashed potatoes he found a stash of legos and toy cars hiding inside.
Anyway, because of that, I didn't have much time to make dinner. We had ham, green bean casserole and Jell-O salad. (I had planned on making mashed potatoes too, but after that afternoon, it will be along time before I eat mashed potatoes again) I wasn't able to make anything really fancy with the Jell-O. That's probably why Trevor's mom felt that I couldn't handle a catering project.
This was the Jell-O salad that I made.

Take a can of pineapple and drain off the juice. Mix in one package of Jell-O with the pineapple until it's dissolved, then fold in a tub of cool whip. You can add a can or two of mandarin oranges and mini marshmallows if you want too, but I decided to keep it simple.


Thank you to those of you who suggested that I make the jell-O in the shape of a Temple. I think I will save that for the wedding.
I'm considering making the wedding cake out of Jell-O. What do you think?
I could make several tiers and frost them with cool whip.
I'm open for suggestions.

As for the name of our baby, we were thinking about Sam Teancum Pearson, however, we are open to suggestions for that too.


Kristina P. said...

Huh. That jello salads looks, uh, interesting.

And good call on the church building.

My favorite is when someone, who will not be named, invites 1500 people and has the reception in a tiny church building, with only 8 tables.

But I'm not bitter.

Brittany said...

There is now a Harmons where my reception center once stood. That wouldn't have happened had we used the church.

clan of the cave hair said...

Don't forget to fill the basketball hoop with balloons purchased in your daughters bridal colors. They disguise the fact that its a basketball hoop even better than just streamers alone!

Brittany said...

Yeah, don't let anyone tell you that a basketball net full of balloons and a 3 point line painted on the floor doesn't shout Eternal Love.

kennady said...

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