Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good news, bad news and two angels

I feel so bad that I haven't updated this blog more recently, but we've had a most unfortunate run of events lately.
The good news is that we have managed to keep track of Mosiah for the last few days! We haven't lost him since that incident at the mall.
The bad news is that Wednesday morning I started having some pretty strong contractions. I went to my Doctor and he checked me out and said that I wasn't dilated at all so I was not in labor. He told me I needed to take it easy for a few days and put me on bed rest.
I told my doctor that this was not a good time for me to be "resting"
I have a wedding to organize!
He threatened to put me in the hospital, so I stopped arguing. Besides I was able to pull the laptop in bed with me and managed to get the wedding invitations designed and the guest list finalized.
This may have just been a blessing in disguise.
Since I missed the Enrichment activity Wednesday night the Relief Society President found out about my condition and arranged for dinners to be brought to us for a few days.
I felt so bad that I wasn't able to make matching Halloween costumes for all of my kids this year. One year I dressed my kids as Snow White and the seven dwarfs.
I like theme costumes.
The boys told me that I didn't need to worry about me making them costumes, (they were practically begging! They are such sweet boys, I know they were only concerned about my welfare) but I came up with a great idea that wouldn't take much work.
I sent one of the boys down to the storage room to get a box of black Hefty garbage bags, then I had another get their bow ties from that time I forced them to they begged to join that children's performing group. (I just LOVE children's singing groups! )
I cut arm holes and holes for their heads, put bow ties and sunglasses on them and they went trick-r-treating as the California raisins!
LaMar even dressed up as the head raisin. The older boys pretended to be embarrassed but I know that deep down inside they really enjoyed the family activity.
Since I was still supposed to be resting, Sariah and Trevor came over to help hand out candy. They dressed as Ken and Barbie. (modest Barbie of course)
I guess Trevor told his mom that I had been put on bed rest because Saturday afternoon she showed up and basically told me that she was taking over the wedding plans because I was in "no condition to pull this thing off!"
Well! I never........
She said that she had already arranged for the clubhouse at their Country Club for the reception and had a caterer who said that they would be willing to take care of the wedding at this late date.
I told her that we already had everything under control and while I appreciated her concern (not really, I just said that to be nice) everything was set and besides, we had just printed the invitations from our home computer that morning, and it would be a shame to waste all that paper.
She then told me that they had many important friends that will be inconvenienced by having to come all the way down to Pleasant Grove from their palaces homes on the east side of Salt Lake, and it would just make more sense to have the reception up there, and then I told her that I would prefer to not subject my family to the evil influences of the big city any more times than necessary, besides our friends and family all live in this area and Sariah and Trevor's friends all go to BYU here in UTAH COUNTY and..............
Just then the doorbell rang. It was two angels of mercy in the form of my visiting teachers!!
They were bringing us dinner.
When I introduced them to Trevor's mom, she explained to them what her plans were, and couldn't they "convince me that I shouldn't be taking on all the stress of this wedding?"
They laughed and told her that they would take care of anything that I couldn't handle.

Does anyone know where I can find a candy mold of the Timpanogos temple? I'm going to make temple mints for the reception this week.


Kristina P. said...

Oooooh, candy mints. Excellent call.

P.S. I'm a little hurt that someone didn't comment about my response to the question you asked me. Sob. I hope I can go on now.

clan of the cave hair said...

one way or another, this will be a wedding to remember! Don't fret too much about the cany mold, if you can't find one, everybody just loves those little buttermints from the craft stores mixed with salted peanuts. The pretty pastel colors will be just amazing with ANY colors your darling daughter decides to go with. ( also, balloons for the basketball hoop are very easy to find in the same colors as the mints. That way you can have everything coordinated.)

Erin said...

Your visiting teachers are angels, aren't they?

And I'm glad the people who live in their houses on the east side will get to see the way the other half live.

peewee said...

You had me at the jello mold opener.

Annie Valentine said...

I'm shooting for eleven too. You make it look so easy, I say why not?

And I'm already planning my daughter's wedding, because I'm kind of a wedding psycho. I Tivo and watch Say Yes To The Dress religiously.

Aunty Em said...

So stinkin glad to meet you! My hubby comes from a family of 10.

I just can't believe that you're only 6 years older than me (it always comes back to me) & are already planning a wedding & have 10.75 kids. You are amazing & I will definitely be back.

And, btw, stick to your guns with the in-laws (literal guns....).

Me said...

Thanks for entering my giveway!

I LOVE the California Raisins. That was a good one. Last year, a friend and I put on garbage bags, stuffed them with old newpaper and then stuck leaves in our hair, on our sleeves and pant legs and went to our work party as "Bags of Leaves"

Jo said...

Sorry I have missed you recently, things were a bit crazy at my house. Although after reading your blog, not as crazy as yours! I am so glad you are feeling better, no one needs a preemie. Behave yourself! As a retired midwife, I am allowed to tell you that. Good luck with all the wedding prep, I think I almost lost my mind with my daughter's wedding.

Anonymous said...

Right on! Your VT's are awesome!

GNO Gals, Jyl and Carissa said...

Sorry about the molds, not as in mold mold..oh you know.

I saw this today. made me think of you.

Who knew? The guy talks to me on twitter, and I'm not sure if he's real... kind of like ahem...

Lisa said...

LaDawn, your comment cracked me up. Thanks for the giggle! Glad to find you too!

ramsam said...

Don't worry about finding a mold, if you just drop the candy in any random shape I am sure you could artistically carve temples into them. If you get your 10 kids to help (that's what they are here for!) it wouldn't take too long.

Jessica G. said...

Only LeDawn could make adorable Halloween costumes from items in her food storage! I would say I'm envious, but that's not very Christ-like.