Monday, October 20, 2008

Lost sheep and big news!!

This weekend turned out to be full of surprises!

Our Primary program turned out quite good, with the exception of little Ashton Willardson who got up to the pulpit and refused to say his part. He just stood there staring at the microphone until he finally pulled it close to his mouth and did a very loud burp.
His parents were horrified but a few people were impressed that he had been able to wake up Brother Olson on the back row.
After church I sent LaMar home with the boys, and then I met with the Bishop who told me that next week I would be released from my calling as Primary President. I started to protest, but he said that with the demands of my family and the new baby coming soon that the Bishopric thought that they would give me several months without a calling.
When he put it that way, how could I refuse.
I went home and started working on dinner. I put a roast in the oven and made a lovely jello salad.
We sat down to dinner and noticed that Mosiah was missing. We looked all over the house for him. We looked in all of his normal hiding places and he wasn't in any of them. We looked outside all around the house and he wasn't there.
We were starting to go get the neighbors to help us look for him when we got a phone call from the Bishop.
It seems that when LaMar took the boys home, he didn't bother to make a head count. Mosiah had wandered back into the primary room and sat on the front row with the Sunbeams from the 3rd ward. The Primary presidency asked him his name and they thought his last name was Peterson and they assumed that he was there visiting with the Peterson family.
They even had him come to the front of the primary and they sang him the welcome song.
Long story short, after the 3rd ward primary was over, the Sunbeam teacher took him to Sister Peterson who had no idea who he was and eventually our Bishop saw him and called us.
I need to get some sort of GPS unit to sew into his clothes.

After dinner Sariah called to say she was on her way to visit and was bringing a friend! I hurried and made a double batch of peanut butter rice crispy treats with chocolate on top, because I know how much her roommates enjoyed those the last time I sent some home with her, but when she got here, she hadn't brought any of her roommates.
Sariah walked in the house on the arm of a very handsome young man and she had a huge diamond engagement ring on her finger!

Oh my! Such exciting news!
His name is Trevor Erickson, and he's recently returned from his mission in Argentina. He seems like such a nice young man and I've never seen Sariah so happy!
Trevor comes from a very small family, he only has one brother, but he seemed right at home with the rest of our boys. He really liked the rice crispy treats so when they left I wrapped up a big plateful for him to take home.
Tonight we are going to have Trevor and his family over for dinner so we can start to plan the wedding!
I need to go get out my Jell-o cookbook and find something really special to make for them.


Kristina P. said...

Maybe a jello mold in the shape of the temple?

Jillene said...

Oh yeah--jello mold!! Sweet idea Kristina!!

Brittany said...

Are you going to serve the Sprite/Sherbet reception slush?!!! (!!!)

Jessica G. said...

A jello-mold, of course, but which temple? You don't want to start any controversy with the would-be-in-laws by going with SL temple when they are hoping for Bountiful.

petersons said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Wow you are one on top of it Woman w/ all your kids and all your extra activities!
Whew! Good for you :)

ramsam said...

Thank you for visiting my blog- you are so amazing! I grew up in a home of 10 kids- so it is small family for me!!!! But I love your stories.

Congratulations on the wedding! I have several wedding pans and cake stands if you decide to get brave and make your own cake you are welcome to borrow mine! But hey- with 10 kids, maybe you will buy your own! I used to make cakes...

Anyway, I love the story of your missing child. I am Primary Pres in my ward and it is tough some days, but I know I would miss it!

clan of the cave hair said...

LaDawn, I'm out of time right now, but I seriously can't wait to read your blog. I LOVE the name! (and have serious issues with that prayer...)anyways, thanks for stopping by and I'm looking forward to coming back and reading!

i am bri said...

ummmmm, can i get some of those crispie treats? they sound so yummy!

Jamie said...

Wow. You are such a great example to all us busy moms with 10 or more kids. you'll have to post your favorite jello dishes. i really like jello that has shredded carrots and/or hot dog slices in it. That was a favorite growing up. Also. I can't believe the coincidence with your and your husband's names. My grandpa's name was LaMar, and they named my mom Marla using the letters in LaMar. So clever. I love La(fill in the blank) names. Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm so glad I found yours and I just love your picture in your header.

clan of the cave hair said...

woman, you have me splitting my sides with laughter. I AM supposed to laugh, right?

clan of the cave hair said...

don't forget the nut-cups!Oh, and love the names. Seriously...will baby 11 be Teancum?

Brittany said...

I like Teancum! What about Mohonri? Then he can be the brother of Jared, right?

I know it says he will be named Sam, but can we vote?

Wendy said...

WOW! You are busy!! Love the burp during the primary program!! HAHA

Anonymous said...

Argh I feel really confused!? Is this supposed to be one of those joke blogs?? Like seriously so blessed?!? Or are you for real????