Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nothing good ever happens when we leave Happy Valley......

Yesterday, Sariah came over and we went into Sandy to look for bridesmaid dresses.
Against my better judgement, we went to the mall. LaMar hadn't made it home from work yet, so I had several of the younger boys with us. I forget how many.
We went to a store at the end of the mall and Sariah found the exact dress that she wanted for her bridesmaids. It was lovely, and more modest that I thought we might find in Salt Lake.
As we were putting the dresses on hold for her friends to come and try on, I realized that I didn't see Mosiah.
We looked all through the clothes racks and the dressing rooms, because he loves to play in those, and he wasn't there.
We looked out in the mall where they have the little kiddie rides, he wasn't there either, we looked all over in the immediate area, and he was gone!
Naturally at that point, I panicked and the girl working at the bridal shop called mall security.
They started looking too. We went upstairs because Mosiah is obsessed with escalators and will ride them all day if he could.
He wasn't at the food court by the merry go round.
He wasn't at the toy store.
He wasn't anywhere!!!!

Then I got a call on my cell phone from mall security.
They found him!!

He had made his way down the mall and was playing in the display window of Victoria's Secret.

I knew we shouldn't have left Utah County.


Kristina P. said...

Can you imagine what my life is like, LIVING out of Utah County. I fear for it daily.

And some of your readers live in WEST VALLEY! Pray for them.

ramsam said...

I shouldn't say this...but I will anyway!@
I got left on vacation once at a cherry stand. It traumatized me, for real. Just one reason I could never have more kids than I could grab.....

extra treats for Mosiah!

Brittany said...

Doesn't the Victoria's Secret in Provo have its windows blackened out? As they should.

clan of the cave hair said...

ummm, at least you know he's got the proper amount of testosterone?

Good N Crazy said...

Just for a second there Am wondering if this is the LaDawn I KNOW from Draper who moved out then moved back to Happy Valley somewhere?

Is this you?

I'm remembering only 8 kids tho? Could be mixing you up with another LaDawn??

But holy crap! YOUR photo in the header!

Am sooo linking to you JUST for that!!

I stumble your photo anyway!

Alison Wonderland said...

I'm one of those living in West Valley (you can block me if you want) but I LOVE this blog!