Saturday, November 15, 2008

More wedding plans

It's been quite the week.
Last week I took the boys to the doctor to get their flu shots. I guess the shots worked because they all got sick. I have had several boys home from school on any given day last week.
The good news is that they are all pretty much over it now.

I was able to finish Sariahs wedding dress this week, and most of the wedding plans have been finalized. I'm so grateful to my wonderful visiting teachers who are helping so much with the wedding!
I would also like to thank Sister Sorensen and the rest of the Enrichment committee for making those lovely centerpieces for the tables at the reception. I had no idea that all of you ladies could crochet that well! The centerpieces will look so nice with the balloons and plastic tablecloths that we got at the party store.

I contacted the director of children's singing group that the boys used to belong to. I asked her if it would be possible to have the group come and sing at the reception. Not only are they available, but she asked if our boys would be willing to join the group again!
I was elated! Not only will the boys be able to perform at the reception, but they will be able to participate in all of the Christmas concerts at the malls and Ward Christmas parties next month.
When I told the boys about this, they tried to act annoyed, but I know that deep down they were really excited.

Probably the biggest news of all this week is that today was my birthday!!
My family had a surprise party for me.
Sariah even made me a Jell-O poke cake, my favorite! I am so proud of my beautiful daughter, she will be such a wonderful wife!
I received several lovely gifts such as a new Christmas tree shaped Jell-O mold, and many beautiful hand made cards from my boys.
From other family members I received 4 copies of the movie "Emma Smith, my story" I didn't get to see the movie when it was still in the theaters, so I'm really excited to watch it.

We mailed all of the wedding invitations yesterday too. Less than two weeks to go!

One other thing, and I would like your advice if you can help me out with this.
As I have been reading the comments on other ladies blogs, I happened to find the blog of a former neighbor of ours. They lived next door to us for a few years, and they had more children than we do! They moved to the East East side of our little valley (some might refer to it as Snob Hill) and she is now the Relief Society resident in her ward.
I would have kept in touch, but they didn't leave a forwarding address, and she had her cell phone number changed.
When she lived next door to us I learned so much from her concerning food storage. She had a three year's supply of food saved up for every member of their family!
We haven't had any contact with her since they moved and I can't decide whether or not to send them an invitation to the wedding. Sariah used to babysit for them and we helped her out quite a bit after her triplets were born.
My dilemma is that even though she was such a good neighbor, faithful in her food storage and always helping everyone, she really irritated andannoyed me a little.
What do you think? Should I send them an invitation?


Kristina P. said...

Is your neighbor Sister Molly? What are the odds?!?!?

Send her an invite!

Aunty Em said...

I still wish I was your neighbor.

Invite her, you won't have the time to visit with her anyway & if she's rich then that means a good gift for your girl.

the letter Bee said...

Snob Hill? You should totally invite them- do it for the Gift Potential!

KT said...

Invite her. Especially if she's rich. If she skimps on the wedding gift then you could always bake her a tray of ex-lax Christmas cookies.

Anonymous said...

The question really is, does Sariah want to invite her? Was she close to your old neighbor? Would she want to share her special day with her? Or does she want to cash in on some sweet loot?

Wedding invitations are tricky like that. Whoever you invite, make sure it's somebody the bride and groom actually want to see. That's my cardinal rule.

And keep your eyes open for a sweet treat in the next week or so... The Pay It Forward is officially on its way!

Jessica G. said...

I say invite them! The more the merrier, right?