Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Lost him again!

Well, I spoke too soon. We lost Mosiah again yesterday.
I guess we didn't really lose him, it was more like he escaped.
Early yesterday morning as I was making nutritious lunches for all of the boys to take to school, Mosiah got out of the house. We do have an alarm system which will sound an alarm whenever someone opens any of the doors, but it looks like someone (LaMar) forgot to turn it on last night.
Anyway, from what we can tell, Mosiah escaped the house and went over to the neighbors house. He climbed in through the dog door and got into their pantry, eating half a package of Oreos, a bunch of captain crunch and a few dog biscuits.
He then got into their refrigerator where he managed to open a can of Pepsi and drank most of it.

When our neighbor Tammy got home from the gym, she found Mosiah patiently sitting on the toilet waiting for someone to come and wipe him.
Naturally, by then, we were looking frantically all over the house for him, so I was so grateful to see her carrying him across our lawn to the front door.
At least it wasn't as embarrassing as last summer when he got out of the house, went down to the neighborhood park and took off his clothes.
That time, a police officer rang every doorbell on the street trying to find where he belonged.

Yesterday, due to all of the sugar he had eaten and the caffeine in the Pepsi (It was STRAIGHT PEPSI! It wasn't even diet!) Mosiah was much more energetic than usual.
I needed to go vote, and I took Mosiah and Alma with me. People were so kind, they were practically begging me to go to the front of the line.

Now for the update on the wedding plans. Trevor's mom continues to be a huge, obnoxious, pain in the but bit concerned with the reception. She called me today and expressed her concerns that the reception wouldn't be "classy" enough. (That isn't exactly what she said, but it was what she meant.)
So I called Sister Jensen in the ward and asked her if we could borrow her chocolate fountain. As far as I'm concerned, a chocolate fountain is about as fancy as you can get!
Now we just need to figure out what we can get to dip in the fountain. Any suggestions?

I wonder how well Jell-O jigglers would work with the chocolate fountain?

Tonight, Sariah and Trevor are coming over to help finish and address the invitations and finalize all of the wedding plans.
For dinner I'm making the raspberry Jell-O salad with pretzels in the bottom.


Erin said...

You'll have to tell Mosiah that when he is an adult, he can eat 1/2 package of Oreos, but until then, he has to stick with the jello salad with pretzels.

*MARY* said...

When are you going to post some of your delicious jello recipes? Lately my family has been eating actual salad, like with lettuce, I feel so bad for them.

Jillene said...

Jell-O Jigglers? Dipped in chocolate? NASTY! How about you try some traditional pretzels, marshmallows, and graham crackers. These should be staples amoung your children and if you have food storage--wallah!! You won't even have to go to the store to buy them!

Also--you could use cans of fruit or fruit that you have bottled to dip in the chocolate--boy I am saving you ALL kids of money!!

Jillene said...

Oops--should say kinds not kids!!

Kristina P. said...

Where's this tuna jello salad you've been talking about?

Jessica G. said...

Who needs items to dip in a chocolate fountain? Just have a cup of spoons ready and you're set! (Might want to have some handy wipes, too.)

Jillybean said...

I agree with Jessica.
That way you don't have to worry about finding anything to dip.

Word ver "ovann."

As in "you've got a bun in the ovann"

Aunty Em said...

Our kids are so much alike. We should be neighbors.

I for one would be a lot less stressed. S

ome neighbors just don't like other kids going in their house & messing with things.


Brittany said...

I think you should have a cheese fondue fountain; lest you offend those who refrain from chocolate for Word of Wisdom purposes.

Anonymous said...

Strawberries, angel food cake, bananas, rice krispie treats, fingers, cups, bowls, there anything that doesn't taste good dipped in chocolate?

I thought I was exhausted this week, but now that I've read your blog, I bow down to you, my friend!! And congratulations on being #3! Send me your address!!