Thursday, January 14, 2010

The only thing I like to eat more than Jell-O is ICE CREAM!

Jessica over at Duck Duck Cow is having a giveaway for an ice cream maker and sundae kit.

By blogging about this, I get extra entries to win this, so even though I'm telling you all about this (or at least the two people who are still reading this blog after I haven't posted anything for such a long time) ( HEY! I've got like a jazillion kids! Like I actually have time to blog every day?) (Besides, LaMar found my stash of Mountain Dew in the storage room and made me get rid of it, so now I'm extra tired. It wasn't like I ever let the kids see me drink it!) please don't enter, because I really need to win the ice cream maker so that I can use it to distract my kids long enough to search for a new hiding place to stash all of the Mountain Dew that I'm going to buy the next time it goes on sale at Macy's.

So, go over and visit Jessica, and check out her blog. She has three adorable children and she makes the most amazing cakes! (Even if they aren't made out of Jell-O) Plus, she's cute as a button.


Jessica G. said...

Hey, I did make a cake with Jello! The pool party cake!

Jessica G. said...

While you didn't win the big prize. I decided to give away cupcakes and you won those! I might even find a way to make them with jello...I need you to email me your address and when it might be a good time to bring those by. Or maybe we could meet somewhere for lunch and I'll give them to you then?