Monday, August 17, 2009

Updates, updates, updates

It's been such a long time since my last post. I can't believe that the last time I wrote anything was last December! I will be surprised if anyone is still reading this blog.
My sister lives out of state and has been bugging me to finish writing the story of the wedding. The ladies in her ward didn't belive her when she told them about it, so she wanted me to write it down for them to read.
I have a few minutes tonight so I'll pick up where I left off.
Sariah and Trevor's wedding was just ending. My boys snuck out of the church early to decorate their car, only to find Trevor's aunt (his mother's sister) guarding the car. She was under strict orders from Trevor's mother to keep the car from being "vandalized" as she put it, and was determined not to let the boys get near it.
The boys had spent their hard earned paper route money on rolls of saran wrap, silly string and oreos and were quite disappointed that they wouldn't get to use them.
Jared had been looking forward to this for the last several months. He was standing there with his can of silly string, with his finger on the nozzle, and started crying. He really is a very sensitive boy and once he starts sobbing, it takes quite a while to console him.
Trevor's aunt must have felt a little bad because she went over to him and started to put her arm around him and somehow the button on the can of silly string was pushed and she ended up with a hair full of silly string. She was not amused. She ran inside, shrieking and trying to comb the stuff out of her hair with her fingers.
The boys took this opportunity to decorate the car. I didn't get to see it, but from what I hear, it was a masterpiece!
After Trevor's aunt came out of the restroom, she came into the cultural hall and headed straight for me. She was able to get most of the larger globs out of her hair, but there was still quite a bit left. I really think that if she didn't have so many hair products in her hair, that it wouldn't have been as bad. Honestly, I thought it looked better than it did before. It kind of tamed it down a bit.
I apologized for the boys and told her that it must have been an accident because my boys would never do such a thing.
I couldn't believe her, she was actually implying that they had done this to her on purpose!
The nerve!
We decided that this would be a good time to cut the cake. Sariah was positively radiant! She and Trevor fed each other cake, then she threw the bouquet. All of her friends were standing there waiting to catch the flowers, but as the bouquet came sailing toward the crowd of girls, they all ran in different directions and they flowers landed on the floor.
Silly girls, some of them are knocking on 20, you would think that they would want all the luck they could get when it comes to getting married. She threw her bouquet two more times before one of the little girls from our ward caught it.
About that time, I got a horrible backache. I had been on my feet most of the day and knew that I had just overdone it. I sat down and put my feet up on a folding chair. The wedding was almost over, and I could spend the rest of the weekend resting.
My sister, La Vette went and got me some punch and then helped Sariah gather her things.
When Sariah and Trevor were ready to leave, I walked with her to the door and gave her a big hug before she left. They ran out to their car through a sea of bubbles.
After they left, I went inside to start with the clean up. What happened next was a big shock to all!


Jessica G. said...

You cruel, cruel woman.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, you're back!